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Some makers Iraqi public opinion believe that "Shabibi won't be the final victims of al-Maliki has long been opponents of Prime Minister preoccupied their private interests, and they fail to agree on a mosque and a nationwide save the country from a dictator formative stage, is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense, Interior and head of intelligence, and army forces associated together with his workplace Profile can perform any operation outside any legal framework, "questioning" Did you pay attention to what opponents attended by Maliki them and eventually agree on the necessity to protect Iraq's fledgling democracy "? The government spokesman Ali al-Mussawi said the council of ministers on Tuesday named Abdul-Baset Turki, the top of the Supreme Audit Board, as an interim central financial institution governor after a court ruling ordered the elimination of Mr. Shabibi from his put up to face the charges. Much discuss just lately about Dr. Shabibi Iraqi Central Bank Governor, and the actions taken in opposition to him, Sometimes people say that there's an arrest warrant issued towards him, has mentioned that not too long ago a spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council and another says there may be prevented from traveling, and to other of conflicting statements and that we expect that the aim is to intimidate Dr. Shabibi in an effort to dream of touring in Japan, the place represents the Central Bank of Iraq to the meeting of the International Monetary Fund there.

What happened with reference to the Iraqi Central Bank in recent days is a matter of not overseeing Iraq in any way, and does not pay his popularity by media world capital, however this makes it a state of confusion and uncertainty, and problem the power to commit Ptaakedath and before that the Constitution and the regulation. We have now relied current actions against Dr. Sinan Shabibi and a few staff the central financial institution to report from Dr Abdul Basit Turki Saeed Hadithi Prime BSA, which was adopted on the thought socialist Bali and thought of that determine dollar promoting is a must have initially either sell the dollar is the exception in his opinion, has repeated on this report the phrases of instructions, attachments and phrases documents to be attached with the public sale transactions. BAGHDAD / JD / .. Finance Committee confirmed that the current actions, which affected the central financial institution maintained the two-thirds of laborious forex in Iraq.

July 15 - Reuters: "Government spending in China jumped 19.9% in June from a yr earlier, whereas income rose 1.7%, the Ministry of Finance said… Battle Maliki with Shabibi, who is described as another "technocrats" in the new Iraqi state, started with the rejection final lending the government a big sum in 2009 to finance the purchases electricity generators huge from the United States and Germany, saying that the federal government's price range where money sufficient to pay their expenses and thus does not make sense to lend the reserves of the nation financial, which under Maliki remembered angrily to Hbibi, as that position last rejecting the takeover Maliki on independent bodies, including the Central Bank didn't depart Prime Minister passes unnoticed, came accusations of corruption for Hbibi after which sacked earlier than putting in the charges against him and before standing in entrance of the judiciary. The accusations by the deputies in the parliament to the Central Bank of the existence of corruption and cash laundering within the public sale sale of the currency.

The owner of a collection can consign it to the auction home on the market. The oscillations that obtained the greenback alternate charge within the Iraqi market in the course of the months of April and may, June, July and August final is not making Shabibi, as a result of the Iraqi authorities and the Central Bank check in every year of the Convention on (SBA) with the IMF international impose this agreement to the Iraqi Central Bank to provides full what the market calls for at the end of the public sale on the dollar and day-after-day the price at which anchored it. 11,201) thousand dollars (eleven million, 200 and one thousand dollars) to transform quantities by auction whereas the database General Authority for Customs showed insert (16034) tons of rebar amount (6738) thousand dollars (six million, seven hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars). He mentioned in the first eight months of 2012 the financial institution offered almost $27 billion in arduous foreign money for import purposes, but only $4.5 billion in products truly came into the country throughout the same period.

D - by evaluating the record of purchase provided by the service provider (Hassan Ali Obeid) by a financial institution economic system to the auction, we noticed that the quantity of existing (4200) thousand dollars (four million and 2 hundred thousand dollars) while all Amoad getting into his title by means of a database Authority General Customs stood at (138) thousand dollars (one hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars). 9192) thousand dollars (9 million, one hundred and ninety-two thousand dollars ). Actual imports up (22556) thousand dollars (twenty two million five hundred and fifty-six thousand dollars). Will the government and judicial accountability of those who offered this data to buy the greenback, where they got here from to buy the dinar dollars? Keep in mind that value isn't the one reason to buy at a certain automobile lot. But the truth is that the stream of gold by weight would gradual and cease very quickly as a result of the worth of gold would rise so rapidly. Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, didn't cease at accusing others of corruption and dismissed, in line with the costs, as occurred with the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Shabibi Finally, earlier than the central bank governor, was "stick" Maliki touched president "Integrity Commission" Judge Abdul Rahim Ugaili, and President of the "Trade Bank of Iraq," Hussein Azri and Communications Minister Mohammed Allawi.